Experience fast and effective pain relief.


Experience our new and exciting pain relief treatment. High-energy radial shockwave therapy. 

What is the shockwave treatment? 

Radial pressure waves offer a non-invasive treatment solution to long term/chronic tendon and soft tissue injuries. Treatment of the area enhances the healing process of the body even in chronic conditions, while in the same offers considerable analgesic effect. 

Treatments include: 

Plantar fasciitis 

Tennis elbow 

Golfers elbow 


Achilles tendonitis 

Shin splints 

Trigger Points and resulting back pain, headaches, sciatica

  •  Want immediate pain relief?
  • Want more joy, fulfillment, and happiness?  
  • Want a solution that really works?
  • Want something fast and effective in a short space of time?

What our clients say: 

" Hand and thumb are the best they have been in years. No pain and free movement!" Nigel T. 

" My shoulder is much freer and not as painful... it does feel much better, thank you." Phil T.


Take Part In Life Again- Find Lasting Pain Relief!

This treatment is designed to achieve muscular skeletal pain relief in as little as 3 short sessions. 

In most of the pathologies there will be immediate pain relief, in some cases patients are completely pain free. Some longer standing conditions require more than 3 sessions or may need some maintenance appointments.

The treatment normally takes about 10-20 min per area being treated. After 2-3 sessions you should experience a considerable improvement in mobility and pain. 80% of patients report a reduction in pain, however you may need more follow-up sessions as it might take longer to eliminate the cause of the pathology especially in cases of chronic conditions.